10 Points How to prepare for job interview

The prerequisite to get a job and start making money is to clear an interview and clearing an interview is not rocket science if you are well prepared. Now the question arises that how to prepare for an interview. Apart from the technical skills you possess, give attention to the following points as well and you are good to go:

    • Visualize the interview: Experts recommend that job hunters visualize in their minds how the interview will go. A little edginess before an interview can be helpful if it makes you alert and energized, but too much anxiety can be disastrous. Practicing deep breathing or repeating a tranquil word like “calm” are popular methods people use to get themselves ready for a tense situation. And, again, mental preparation well in advance of an interview is key. Picture yourself as poised, confident, articulate.

    • Presence of mind: being physically present is not enough. One is required to prepare for an interview with the presence of eyes and mind. Observe what is happening and take decisions quickly.

    • Confidence: whatever you speak, speak with confidence. To gain confidence, executive coaches advise you write down several of your greatest accomplishments and then list the skills you used to achieve them. If you know your skills and how you make a difference, it will be easier to talk about them in an interview setting.

    • Be Well versed with the company and industry: Do some homework about the company you are giving an interview for. Not the in-depth knowledge, but the basic knowledge is a must.

    • Pay attention to the presentation: It is really important to look presentable and it has everything to do with cleanliness and proper dressing as well as taking care of the gestures and postures. Knowing you look your best for an interview creates confidence as well. Be sure to get that suit pressed well in advance of the big day, break in your shoes and don’t go overboard with flashy accessories or designer touches. Feeling rushed or worrying you might be late can throw off your mojo, too, so it’s a good idea to give yourself more travel time than you think you need.

    • Punctuality is the key: Get your wardrobe in order and give yourself more travel time than you think you might need so as to reach in time. Be prepared with all the papers, certificates, presentations etc which you will be required to show during the interview as an evidence to your skills to avoid last minute rush.

    • Be positive: Overall, before a big interview, psychological and career experts agree that it’s important to focus on the positive. The bottom line? Always think about, talk about, and practice exactly what you want to happen.

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